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What is the quality of the sealant?


Seal the glue is in the BOPP original film on the basis of high-pressure corona after a rough surface coated with glue after the sub-divided into small rolls, which is our daily use of the tape. So the preferred tape strength depends on the BOPP film is good or bad and thickness. BOPP film made of raw material particles is bright and flexible.

The thickness of the film is between 28 microns and 30 microns. The thickness of the film will increase the thickness of the film, the tape feels very thick, but the intensity is very poor, the shelf life is very short, placed around six months will appear obvious aging situation, The surface will be brittle, easy to use.

Ordinary sealing tape glue is acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. Many people think that sticky tape is good glue, in fact, this is not correct. Sealing tape glue in the use of good or bad there are two standards, one is the initial tack, the other is holding sticky. Generally speaking, the low initial adhesive tape is less coated with glue.

Normal sealing tape The initial tack requires the thickness of the tape glue is generally 22 to 28 microns. Doped with impurities in the tape when the initial viscosity is very high, so use the tape to paste the object and then quickly opened to see holding sticky, repeated paste several times in hand touch, the obvious feeling of sticky decline.

Dumped tape for glue when the general use of gasoline and acid to be dissolved, so the smell is very large, good companies are dissolved with a Ben, in the coating process has been volatile after the fan.

In fact, we use the purpose of sealing tape is not sticky to live the problem, but to stick solid, not separate. Now most of the dopant-doped tapes are disintegrated after a period of packaging and can not be re-attached, especially in low-temperature environments and windy dry conditions.

Again low-quality tape easy to break, the intensity is very low, mainly with the quality of the membrane, so when the choice of tape must see the width of the tape and tape thickness.