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Little knowledge: what is wet water tape? What is the difference with a water-free tape?


A: wet water Tape Ingredients: Now the general wet tape are kraft paper tape, it is a kraft paper tape as the base material, coated with special starch adhesive adhesive, after high temperature drying and cutting products made.

Two: wet water tape Features: wet tape; tensile strength, good tension, not easy to break, no sticky before wetting, wet water after the sticky, can be written and printed font logo LOGO or company trademark name. After wetting with strong initial tack, strong tensile strength, temperature and other characteristics, its substrate and adhesive on the environment will not cause pollution, and with the packaging recycling.

Three: water-free tape: Now a lot of tape are water-free tape, as the name suggests is not wet with sticky, like transparent tape, electrical tape, stationery tape, water-free kraft paper tape. It is coated with glue on the substrate and then made of finished products. When used directly can be opened to paste.